Your Digital Media Is a Business Asset

We're Asset Managers

You know that anyone can do digital. But not everyone does it well—with a goal in mind…according to a strategy. We do.

At World Canvas, we’re creative people…with MBAs. We design campaigns that look great but, like you, we want great results, too.

We treat your digital presence as an asset, similar to how a financial advisor handles an investment portfolio.

We believe online marketing needs to be one-on-one where you personally know your team and your team understands you and who visits your business.

Our Ethos:

The digital world can be overwhelming, kind of like staring at a blank canvas. We simplify the process and deliver your message in proven ways that engage your network to take action.

We paint your digital canvas with beautiful content for the world to see!

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Shea Vitartas

Creative Director

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Experience: Shea was born into the wild world of Hollywood working in front and behind the camera. Shea believes the same quality of content from movies and professional photography is needed for success in the new delivery channels of social media. 

Education: MBA in Finance from Pepperdine University

Social Media Superpowers: Campaign Strategy, Video Content Creation, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Steve Wagner


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Experience: Steve has a reputation for clear communication, no matter the assignment. He's been writing professionally for more than 15 years, from news items and reports for a global non-profit organization, to press releases for a Fortune 500 company and plenty of web copy and content for small businesses in the health, industrial, and digital marketing, and other industries. When he's not sitting in front of the Mac working on your project, he can often be found strumming a guitar with friends. 

Social Media Superpowers: Web copy and content for small businesses, press releases, news items and reports. 

Madeline Reidy

Lead Designer 


Experience: Madeline is a graphic designer and illustrator living in New York City.  She has experience working for a range of international clients and startups.

Education: Master's Degree in Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy

Social Media Superpowers: Instagram, Pinterest, Websites and Infographics.