Landing Page Mastery is more important (and affordable) than your website…

Here’s Why:

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Think of it this way:

  • Would You Rather Have a 1,000 new email subscribers every month or 1,000 website visitors?

  • Discover how to pre-sell to your dream customer before you create your website, course or coaching program

  • Less expensive than creating a website and it’s something you can do on your own.


If you’re new to marketing your answer is probably going to be a website. If you’ve been in the game for sometime, you’re going with Landing Page.

The FIRST thing you should do online is create your Landing Page.

Here’s Why:

You prove your

OR if you’ve been seeing a major drop-off on your webinars about halfway through.

Then this message is for you.

What’s Included In the Course?

“The Micro-Webinar Method” is becoming the industry standard because it provides a method that keeps people engaged till the end of your webinar begging for more (enticing them to sign-up!) and it saves you (and them) time to create webinars.

Would you rather watch a 15min or 30min webinar that gives you something to apply right now or a webinar lasting longer than an hour as you brush your teeth, sit on the toilet and view, eat your breakfast/lunch or whatever…a webinar that’s going to overload you with information you have no clue how to implement so you end up getting frustrated and move on to the next webinar.

Hi, my name is Shea Patrick.


For over a decade now I have been doing digital marketing for small businesses to big brands. From overseeing their website being completely overhauled, to managing their social media and even influencer marketing campaigns. During this time I have created webinars and watched more than I would like to admit. (If netflix had a webinar show I probably would have binged watched it!)

Here’s how “The Micro-Webinar Method” benefits YOU:

  • Saves 50 - 70% of your time creating a webinar

  • Gives you the opportunity to find your right audience

  • You Can Split test your 15min and 30 min webinar to see what converts higher. You can create more webinars in a fraction of the time

  • How to hook your dream audience fast

  • Test your market with quick wins

  • Build your webinar confidence Quickly.

Basically, you no longer have to stress about creating a webinar from scratch, waste hours of frustrating time writing it all out, not knowing if it’s going to convert and finding out the best strategy to record it with and how to present yourself. You just have to show up to this easy-breezy course and you’re good to go!

Here’s how “The Micro-Webinar Method” benefits YOUR AUDIENCE:

  • They actually apply what you taught them today. (Builds instant trust and confidence in what you have to offer)

  • They get to view it on THEIR terms. (People like control, this new approach avoids the games and gets them on your email list and provides them instant access) taylor made just for them and you can easy change them out for new copy

  • Your audience is more likely to stay focused and watch till the end.

  • You find out from them what they like best in your webinar so you can improve next round

  • They stay incredibly focused and don’t want to miss a slide, so you have their full attention

  • They become your fan because you were direct with them upfront, meaning they now know, like and trust you.

This is What You Get When You Join Today:

  • Full Access to the Course Where You Can Have Your First Webinar Up-And-Running TODAY.

  • Presentation Templates for BOTH the 15 min micro webinar and the 30 min micro webinar

  • 3 Magic Post-Webinar emails to get them to click “buy”

  • Group Monthly Coaching Call where we walk through your webinar presentation and/ or script

  • Discover the Ultimate A/B/C/D Webinar Split Test Strategy to REALLY hit the Jackpot that will have your course(s) sold in minutes.

  • Fill in the blank swipe files you can make your own. (Saving you hours of writing it yourself or hiring an expensive copywriter)

  • Access to the Private Facebook group where we provide constructive feedback for one another. (And we cover other methods of making the most from your webinar)

  • Full List of all the gear you will need depending on your budget from software to mics. (even the FREE way to get your course sold is going to be presented)

  • You learn perhaps the 2 most important part of psychology and copywriting

  • ACCESS to “The Niche Vault” where we share previous webinars on different industries. (Every month we break down a new industry and create a webinar for that niche. Think Paleo, fitness, financial, relationships)

First Let’s Get Something Straight...

I’m not saying the hour long webinars don’t work, they do serve a purpose. IF you can keep people engaged till the end. (even though it’s getting more challenging as every day passes)

This is perfect for you if you’re just starting out in the webinar world and would like to get your feet wet. (nothing worse than creating a 60 min webinar no-one-signs up for) this let’s you test the market.

It’s decision time.....

Would you rather create a 60 minute or longer webinar, or create four 15 min micro webinars to see what converts the best...and from there you can create the 30 min webinars to really knock people’s socks off!!!

Imagine how many other webinars you could create.

This is the offer:

My friends in digital marketing tell me I’m crazy to offer you this price...but here we go!

Be one of the first 100 to join this impactful course on webinar creation and get everything mentioned above for $67 dollars!

That’s more than 50% OFF the full price of $197.

The Course Goes Live August 27th 2019!

Refund Policy: Please note that due to the nature of digital products I am unable to offer refunds once purchased. However, if you purchased the course and do everything mentioned and send me proof in the form of links and screenshots showing you did the work with no positive results, I will refund your order and you can keep the course.

PS, as an extra-extra bonus, after you sign up, email me your receipt and I can send a book I co-wrote on Influencer Marketing called, “How to Get Recommended By Famous People” for FREE.