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Who Wins the Battle of SEO vs. Social Media?

SEO is a longstanding champion when it comes to generating more leads by increasing visibility. However, with the speedy penetration of social media, is the position of SEO at risk? Which one is better of the two if compared side by side? SEO or Social media? Let’s find out by listing the points where each of them win and figuring out their importance for your business.

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How Social Media Benefits Your Small Business in a BIG Way

According to recent reports, there are 1.8 billion active users on Facebook, 600 million on Instagram and 370 million on Twitter. These are not numbers. These are alive and breathing people who are looking for solutions to problems. Solutions your products or services can provide. Think of the possibilities if you could get visible to just 2% of them…

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Why You Need Facebook for Your Business

Among the 1.86 billion active users on Facebook who log on to see new stories, it's also the playground for businesses. Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized, are getting popularity through advertising on Facebook. The cost of advertising and the option to create target audiences are the key factors to get the most from this platform.

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