How Social Media Benefits Your Small Business in a BIG Way

Want to see your small business grow into a famous brand with a solid following? Then you have to look into social media marketing.

Why Social Media?

According to recent reports, there are 1.8 billion active users on Facebook, 600 million on Instagram and 370 million on Twitter. These are not numbers. These are alive and breathing people who are looking for solutions to problems. Solutions your products or services can provide. Think of the possibilities if you could get visible to just 2% of them…

Not convinced yet? Read this:

A year-old study showed that Facebook influences 52% of its users’ online and offline shopping purchases. It means what people see on Facebook and other social media, make people buy things according to its influence. Your business can be one of the things they see on social media. If they do, then think about how much recognition your business would get? And even more importantly, how many sales your business would earn?

On a side note, that report is a year old, which means now the percentage of people getting influenced from Facebook would be even more — It would likely be around 60-65%. So, the odds of success through social media are getting even better by each passing day.

Moreover, recent numbers show that 96% of small businesses use social media and 92% of them think that social media is vital for their business.

Why Not Just SEO?

You would be thinking: “I got it. Social media helps me get more visibility online, but isn’t that what SEO does? Why should I use social media marketing if my SEO strategy is working fine?”

This question is valid if we think it is still 2009 when social media was in budding process and search engines like Google and others were the only tools used for searching.

You should use social media marketing even with a successful SEO strategy because:

·      Social Media Platforms Are Also Search Engines

This may seem surprising, but if you give some thought to it, it becomes pretty obvious. How? Just search a company name on Facebook and you will find the official company page with all the recent posts of the company. You will even get some other posts where the company is being discussed.

According to an estimate, there are 2 billion search queries processed every day by Facebook. This is a huge number, greater than all the traditional search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and others; except Google, which is processing 3.5 billion searches each day.

The numbers are huge and so are the opportunities.

Due to this, Neil Patel, one of the most renowned SEO experts around, came out and daringly said that social media is the new SEO.

·      Google Shows Social Media Accounts and Pages in its Search

Social media sites have been shifted from ‘just a fun thing’ to a credible resource in the past few years. And Google acknowledges that by ranking the Facebook pages and social accounts of businesses and people in its search.

It means if you have made pages for your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, people will see them when they search your company’s name on Google. And by clicking on your social media account/page, say Facebook page, they have entered into social media realm leaving Google behind. Now, if you have enough content on your Facebook page, you can engage the incoming visitors from Google to start following you. That way, your visitors will keep seeing your posts and there would be more chances of them buying products or services from your business.

·      Better Social Media Marketing = Better SEO

If you have quality content on your social media platforms, your posts will more likely be shared. This means your content will be circulated on additional platforms. This impacts positively on your Google ranking.

So, simply, social media marketing actually compliments SEO.

A side benefit is that this process happens both ways. It means if social media is impacting your SEO, then a good SEO strategy impacts your social accounts too.

How Does Social Media Directly Impact Your Business?

·      Building Relationship with Customers

Gone are the days when companies only replied on the phone. With that much use of social media and its content creation tools, if you want to grow your business, you need to follow tide.

Customers’ Side:

Fortunately, social media sites have made connecting with anyone really easy. The vibe of social media is very informal that makes communication effortless and relaxed. The best part is that this vibe does not cease when someone is communicating with a company. This is a huge plus.


Because if someone is talking to a company like a friend, there are better chances to building a lasting business-to-customer relation, which means customer loyalty and also more sales.

Your Side:

It doesn’t end here. You can use that playful and personal vibe of social media to encourage people to share their stories and opinions. People like to talk about themselves, so you will get a great response. And when more people are talking about your company the faster your business will grow — as they say, the more the merrier.

·      The Precious Feedback

So, you are enjoying building relationship with customers, but wouldn’t it be cool if these customers help you improve your products? It certainly would be.

But why people would help you? Because most of the people don’t see social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as marketing places. They just think of them as a place where they can communicate and share. So, when you post about suggestions and improvements, they will give honest feedback just as they will give it to their pal. This kind of feedback is precious for your company because now you know what your customers want — and you just need to mold your products or services to support that.

·      Social Media Advertising

Using social media without investing money on ads is effective, but wouldn’t it be great if you pay to connect with your company's target audiences to increase sales? This is where social media ROI comes into play. 

On Facebook alone, three million companies/businesses are using its ads to promote their products and services. And it is forecasted to be four to five million by the end of this year. So, businesses are paying for ads, and by seeing these growing numbers of companies, it can be concluded that companies are getting real profits from their ad campaigns on Facebook.

Why Facebook and other social media advertisements work?

For explaining purpose, let’s talk about Facebook advertising. Facebook ads work the same way as any other network, say Google AdWords, but with a twist. The twist lies in the phrase “target audience”. Facebook gives you the option to narrow down the category of people who would see your posts to minimum levels. Filters work great because they can help you filter people by gender, age, location, behavior, interest, and many other ways — and this directly decreases your costs.

·      Finally, More Sales

Facebook and Twitter are ideal places for people doing B2C marketing. Stats show that 70% of B2C marketers picked up customers by using Facebook. It means the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are great platforms for your company to get more sales.

It happens because when you are consistently in the social media world, you are actually constantly advertising yourself. And people listen IF your content and marketing tactics are engaging.

To put it simply, social media platforms are, still, uncovered goldmines that can prove to be a huge help for your small business. Start implementing social media marketing strategies and reap the rewards of it. This is how social media benefits your small business in a BIG way. 

Let us know if you have any questions on you social media management, we are here to help!