Who Wins the Battle of SEO vs. Social Media?

SEO is a longstanding champion when it comes to generating more leads by increasing visibility. However, with the speedy penetration of social media, is the position of SEO at risk? Which one is better of the two if compared side by side? SEO or social media? Let’s find out by listing some points where each of them win and figuring out the importance for your business.

Where SEO Wins:

·      Most Preferred Form of Search

Regardless of the increase in the use of social media, search engines are still widely used for searching anything—and it means searching businesses too. That is also because a search engine is just a small tool that helps people finding what they are looking for, without all the distractions that are on social media. This is easy and effective.

Moreover, most of the businesses get traffic primarily from search engines, so SEO is vital.

·      Gives You Serious Buyers

If someone is searching for a camping store in Los Angeles, that person is actively looking for it. This means that the user is more likely to buy from the nearby stores shown in the search results. This affects positively on your conversion rate, which is a huge plus. SEO is more active than social media. Social media tends to be passive, yet still effective in its own way. 

·      Advertising

If you want more success, you can always pay to get more visibility. Google AdWords is a worthy platform for that. There's various strategies we apply when we work with companies to get the most from AdWords. Organic SEO is best, but that takes time to build and maintain. 

Where Social Media Wins:

·      Word of Mouth

Social media has the power to give your brand recognition, as every social media platform gives users recommendations on the activity of their friends or people they are following. So, if people talk about your business, even more people will get to know about it. That way, the word gets to potential customers that have yet discovered you.

For example, if a user commented on your Facebook page, that comment will be visible for all the people following that user.

Social media is a lot about free marketing!

·      You Can Defend Yourself

Your brand can take a serious hit if some people start talking negative about it. This may be difficult to handle, but social media can help you. By responding to the problems and criticism of users, you have a good shot at making things right. When you are quick to respond, your chances of being a trustable business are brighter.

·      Advertising

Just like search engines, social media platforms also offer you to advertise your business. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site, you can invest some money to get more traffic on your website or get more likes for brand recognition.

By going through the benefits of both SEO and social media, it is difficult to say which wins. That’s also because they are intertwined. Good SEO results can give you additional social media hits, and better social media activity can give you more chances of a higher ranking in search results.

So, for a successful business venture, implementing both SEO and social media marketing strategy is important. 

Let us know if you have any questions on your SEO or social media marketing, we are here to help! connect@worldcanvas.net