Why You Need Facebook for Your Business

Among the 1.86 billion active users on Facebook who log on to see new stories, it's also the playground for businesses. Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized, are getting popularity through advertising on Facebook. The cost of advertising and the option to create target audiences are the key factors to get the most from this platform.

That’s why the corporate world is swarming to Facebook, so they can woo the customers and build a lasting business connection. If you are 1 among 27 million small businesses, you should follow the lead and use Facebook to make your business a success story.

Below are listed three key features on Facebook to get your company going today.

1. Organic Marketing

Every business whether it is large or small knows that marketing is necessary to achieve optimal sales and also that it can costs a lot of money. It may not be a big deal for big business but it's an issue for small business—as most of the time they don’t have huge budgets for advertising.

That's where Facebook sneaks in. It can be used as an advertising tool and given its mammoth number of users to connect with, focus on posting valuable content and connecting with your target audience. The only cost is time. 

2. Facebook Advertising

The majority of the businesses recognize the importance of Facebook, surprisingly many still don’t know how to use it more effectively to get even lower advertising costs.

Facebook offers a unique feature to its corporate users, Facebook Ads, which works on the same idea i.e. "impressions" as that of the most online ads. Plus, the feature of targeting audience sets it apart from others as it enables you to target your audience specifically.

For instance, if you need to target the group of teenagers who are from a specific location, Facebook would do it for you and the ads would reach to your custom audience. For small businesses it can benefit greatly by enhancing the social exposure without wasting ads of non-relevant audiences.

3. Facebook Live

Facebook has another feature which is becoming hot with the passing days - live streaming. It's going to be a trending feature in 2017 and beyond.

As per the reports, Facebook users are watching live videos 3 times more than the time they spend on the pre-recorded ones. Furthermore, the web-site has updated its news feed algorithm to make the live videos appear higher in users’ news feed.

So isn’t it time to seize the chance and use this feature for your business’s promotion. Only 14% people are using live videos for marketing purposes while 50% want to learn about this feature. Consider it a scoop!

That’s plenty to get you started. Now that you know its benefits, start using it to flourish your business in 2017 and onwards.

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