How to Leverage Social Media To Increase Mobile App Downloads


Your new app has to deal with some serious competition on its way to glory. At the time of this writing, there are 2.8 million apps in Google Play and 2.2 million in App Store. That’s a lot. How do you think your app will stand out?

Although App Store Optimization (ASO) works to an extent, you may not get the best response by doing ASO alone. You can get more exposure and downloads by using the power of social media.

What is So Great About Using Social Media for Increasing App Downloads?

According to Statista, there have been about 1,000 billion app downloads recorded on app stores. That means people like to download apps – correction, people love to download apps. You need a platform full of mobile users to access these people, and that platform is social media.

Why's that?

Because out of 2.7 billion total number of social media users, 2.5 billion use smartphones to access social media. Also, the time spent on mobile is astounding as it totals to around 80% of the total time spent on social media. That's your downloads right there – but you need to be creative enough to grab them.

How to Use Social Media the Right Way to Boost App Downloads?

You need a strategy to use social media for getting app downloads. We have got your covered!

Choose Which Social Platform is Best for Your AppFacebook and Twitter are always recommended no matter what kind of app you want to market. With it, you can use Instagram and Google+ for more variety. Moreover, if your app is centered towards youngsters, you should be on SnapChat. Similarly, if your app requires B2B marketing, then take help from LinkedIn. In other words, know which social media platforms your audience hangs out on.

Get People Aware of Your Brand

Getting your brand known is the first step of marketing your app, because people will respond well to your app if you have already established a good following.

How to Do That?


Step 1. Create Detailed Social Media Profiles

You want people to know your brand. For that, your social profiles must detail what you want your audience to know. Everything from your writings, images and videos must protray the style of your target marketing. Focus on the benefits of the app over the features.

Step 2. Make Use of Social Media Advertising

If you are new to social media, then this is a no brainer as you don’t have any followers yet and you need to advertise to get some. However, even if you already have followers, you should consider social media advertising.


Because on Facebook alone, 175 million posts are made every hour, so the chances of your post getting to your followers is thin. Also, according to a study, the organic reach of pages is 2% only. It means if you have 10K followers and you share a post, only 200 will be able to see it. To boost your posts’ visibility, you need to advertise – and believe it or not, it can work magic. (yeah, that sounds corny, but it’s the truth!)

Step 3. Share Quality Posts

If you advertise on social media, but if your posts are not interesting then it all can go south pretty quickly. For getting more engagement on your posts, think of your audience. What interests them? What would they like to know? Post knowledgeable and sharable things. Think of images as they get 2.3x more engagement – think of infographics as they get 3x more engagement – and think of videos as 4x number. People like to view a video of the product than reading static content.

Step 4. Engage Incoming Audience

So you have employed advertising and sharing valuable posts, then you would be getting a great response. People would be talking about your brand, speaking their mind. This beneficial for you that people talk about your brand. You need to encourage. Reply to their comments, give answers, clarify their questions. Do all of it. Keep the ball rolling.

Create Pre-Launch Buzz for Your App

Now that people know about your brand, you need to start marketing your app. On the other hand, if you can manage well, you can do all the above steps with the ones listed in this section too.

You should not wait for the launch date to market your app. For best results, you should be marketing your app weeks before the launch.

How to create pre-launch hype?

1. Tease

This works when done right. You need to make a strategy that creates a mystery around your app. Share posts with teasers of your app. Make people curious about it.

2. Share Things More Openly

The tease-time should be for a short while. After that, you need to give some more details about your app for people to know what it is and what it will do.

3. Share The Design Process

Creating an app takes a solid team to give all of its energy to the project. It is hectic and tough. You should be showing that to your audience so that they know there was a lot of effort went into that app. The best move would be to share a small video of 30 seconds to 1 minute about it. Makes it human and authentic.

4. Create Content Plan

You need to make a content plan and share content according to it. As explained earlier, you should take care of audiences’ needs and the audience will take care of yours. It is recommended to make a blog and then share the blog’s post on social media along with images and videos. We recommend a blog because it will give you another channel to attract audience by SEO and guest posting


First Few Days of App Launch Are Vital

The first few days are vital because if you get enough downloads your app can get to Top Charts. Once there, it will garner even more downloads and its success will be certain.

Few tips for that:

1. Start A Reward Program

It usually works well if you start a reward program like ‘the first 1000 app downloaders will get a free premium version of the app’ or any other reward. This will make more people download it.

2. Post a Video Overview of Your App

Videos have higher engagement than images and text posts. So, use that power. Create a fine overview video of your app and post it on social media sites.

It would be great if you can gather beta-testers or the first few app downloaders and let them share their views on the video. This will create authenticity around your app, which is the best thing you can do for it.

3. Encourage Users to Post Reviews

Once your app is out, it relies heavily on word of mouth. People listen to what other users are saying about the app. So, encourage your app users to share their experience with other people on social media or the app store – both work well. If your app is good, this strategy has a lot of potentials.

4. Clear People’s Doubts

Beware not to get any negative publicity on social media as it can affect your brand image and app downloads. So, to address this issue, you need to be active on social media and keep clearing people’s doubts about things. Encourage people to use it once before judging it.

Bonus Tip: Integrate Social Media Option in App

To be clear, getting your app downloaded is just a small part of the job. People must find your app interesting enough for them to use it regularly. This is a hard task as an average app loses 77% of its users within three days. How can you avoid your app to be neglected after the first use? The answer is social media integration.

This gives you multi-level benefits. When you have integrated social media into your app, the user can see its friends’ activity on the app too. This gives the user motivation to use the app. Secondly, if your app requires sign-in, it would become easier with integrated social media.

Moreover, with social media integrated apps, the app's actions can be shared on social platforms. This will help new users find your app.

Create Loyal Following

If you want to make a name for your brand, you should understand that your purpose is far greater than getting downloads. You need to engage audiences in a way that they become your loyal followers. And marketing guys know that a company is only as good as the number of its loyal followers!

Remember that social media marketing is a continuous process. You need to engage your audience during pre-launch, launch, and after launch. You must keep your audience engaged. You can pull this off!

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Shea Vitartas