How to Get Recommended By Famous People

Grow Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

By: Jennifer Li Chiang & Shea Patrick

In a few short years, influencer marketing went from a not-so-sure-test-phase for companies in their marketing campaigns, towards an effective strategy to get extra brand exposure. We have gone from topics like, “Does Influencer Marketing Work”, to “Why Influencer Marketing Works So Effectively”. Much has changed in the past couple years with the new channels of marketing, ie social media, that a book to raise the industry level of understanding is needed.

What's Inside the Book

Over the course of 10 chapters you’ll gain a solid understanding of influencer marketing. From the management, to the creative and financial aspects of what using influencers entails. Here’s just some of the key take-a-ways:

  • How to measure for a return on your investment on your campaigns

  • Discover ways to repurpose content so you get a better social media reach

  • Common mistakes to avoid with influencer marketing

  • Contracts and compensation tips

We covered everything we could think of with influencer marketing packed into one book. 

How the Book is Presented

This book is designed to build from one chapter to the other. By the time you set the book down, you have a solid roadmap on how to go from zero to influencer marketing hero. You will be informed about what works and doesn’t work. Along with given a proper strategy of what to do about it so you can get in the game with minimal mistakes made.

Additional Bonuses

  • Articles Added to the End of the Book


"I've been an accountant all my life so when I started my Ecommerce business, I was at a loss on how to build my brand's social media presence with influencers. This book has a lot of useful information which is presented in laymen's terms. My head was literally spinning with ideas as I was reading this book.”

-Rebecca So, Founder of SWAY

"As a Family Physician launching a web-based health platform based on my recently published book, I found influencer Marketing to be an invaluable resource. This book confirmed my intuition that finding trusted and influential "advocates" that supported my message of health would be the best way to launch my platform successfully.

-Gus Vickery MD, Health Shepherds

“The authors navigate through the intricacies of who to approach; what to look for in an influencer; how to set up a relationship with those who will be trusted with representing your brand; and many of the pitfalls to look out for. It is both a practical guide to entering the field as well as a reference work that the user can return to in order to maximize return and fine tune performance. I recommend it highly.”

-Tony Kondaks, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post Author



Jennifer Li Chiang

Jennifer Li Chiang is the CEO of MuseFind, the ultimate influencer marketing CRM.  MuseFind is a platform that has seen success with consumer brands like The Children's Place to connect and work with social media influencers at scale.

MuseFind remains the first and only Canadian company to receive funding from a New York City accelerator.  It is revered as a thought leader in influencer marketing, having been featured in Social Media Week NYC, Forbes & an official sponsor of NYFW.  She is a mentor at the Founder's Institute and an alumni of UBC and ECU for Industrial Design, and is a LAUNCH MIT Sloan School of Business mentorl


Shea Patrick

Shea Patrick has worn many hats in his career. Since earning his MBA from Pepperdine University, he found a passion for helping others to achieve greatness in their business lives and, most recently, in their personal lives.

A storyteller by nature, he used his verbal skills to help refine systems and metrics to help others achieve success in their endeavors. That work laid the foundation for the 40 Day Freedom Challenge.

When not working on his projects or volunteering his time and expertise to help others succeed, he enjoys outdoor adventures with his family near his home in Los Angeles.