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About Us


Your Digital Media Is a Business Asset

We're Asset Managers

You know that anyone can do digital. But not everyone does it well—with a goal in mind…according to a strategy. We do.

At World Canvas, we’re creative people…with MBAs. We design campaigns that look great but, like you, we want great results, too.

We treat your digital presence as an asset, similar to how a financial advisor handles an investment portfolio.


Our Services


The way to market your brand in the digital world has changed. And if you're behind, it's costing you.

We know the latest trends and apply strategies that work.

Social Media Marketing. The days of posting an image and thinking your job is done are over. We engage your audience so they share what you offer to their audience. We create "Value-Based" content. 

Influencer Marketing. Influencers can grow your brand recognition on a budget. We collaborate with key influencers in your demographic to deliver the best campaigns possible. 

SquareSpace Web Design. A website is your FIRST impression. Make it Count! We know the tips and tricks that get your website to shine above the rest.  

Our 3-Step Process:

3 step process.jpg
3 step process.jpg
3 step process.jpg

Each of the 3-Steps has many mini steps, but hey, that's for us to handle...

We keep you updated on the lastest and provide detailed reports for what gets done, when and why!   

Our Specialties


Small Business

Sales. The main focus of any product or service is sales. We develop a strategy that builds brand awareness and drives traffic to your company by creating unique campaigns. You succeed, we succeed. Read More...


Mobile Apps

Downloads. Being in the tech-sector ourselves, we know app downloads, newsletter sign-ups, and followers are all key to building customer engagement that leads to trust. We get people to share your app. Read More...


Book Authors

Authority. Writing a book makes you an authority in your field. This can lead to future book offers, paid speaking engagements and bragging rights. We get the readers eyes to your words. Read More...