The "One Day" Landing Page

We often like to say "One Day" will do this or one day I'm finally going to get my website up and running...

Imagine that by this time tomorrow you can be sharing your beautiful website with the world! And all built on Squarespace so you can take it over when it’s complete.

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Are Squarespace sites responsive?

A responsive web design is a web design approach that makes your web pages render properly on several devices and screen or window sizes. For most other website builders, you might have to hire a developer to ensure that your website is responsive but one of the major attractions of Squarespace is that just about anyone can build a responsive website using their platform – without having to write a single line of code!

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Squarespace vs. Wordpress: What’s the best option for your website?

Squarespace and Wordpress are two of the world's leading web design platforms. More often than not, the question of which is “best” arises. To answer this common inquiry we dig deep to learn what differentiates Squarespace and WordPress; features, pricing, support and more. And we’ll explain how we determined a winner.

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How to Use Social Media for Launching Your Book

Congratulations! You have given birth to the book you have wanted to write for some time. And like any birth, there was joy and pain along the way. Now that the writing process is finished, you need to get your book out into the world and give it the opportunity to thrive.

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Shea Vitartas
Who Wins the Battle of SEO vs. Social Media?

SEO is a longstanding champion when it comes to generating more leads by increasing visibility. However, with the speedy penetration of social media, is the position of SEO at risk? Which one is better of the two if compared side by side? SEO or Social media? Let’s find out by listing the points where each of them win and figuring out their importance for your business.

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