Interested in what marketing strategies and tools we use?

After a decades of combined digital marketing experience along with some trial and error these are the brands we use and promote. We believe in them and they believe in us.

We’re letting the cat out of the bag and giving you all our behind the scenes strategies and software. All you need is the time to implement them. Or you can just work with us and streamline the whole process…

A note about affiliate marketing.

Marketing isn’t easy work. It pays to have friends. We believe in sharing and rewarding others for believing in one other.

For example, if you refer a client to us after using our services, you save on your bill of get a founders cut. Just as we refer other brands to their products or services, we receive a cut. It’s fair, it’s loyal and it feels good to promote those you believe in. Some of these links aren’t even money markers for us, we just love’em and want to help them succeed.

Website Design

We Love Squarespace. It’s perfect for artists and entrepreneurs. They provide a clean crisp look. The site you’re on right now, it’s Squarespace. If you sign up for our any of our website packages, you get 20% off your first year of Squarespace because World Canvas Network, LLC is a Squarespace Circle Member. We don’t get any kickback on our side, you just get the 20% off Squarespace’s cost by working with us.

Social Media

We Love Loomly. They are great on the go with their app, offer a free trial and oh yeah they are based in Los Angeles, California just like us. After years using other tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and some others, we have enjoyed the simplicity of Loomly. They continue to grow and their customer service is amazing!

Email Marketing

We Love MailerLite. When it comes to delivery rates you want to make sure your emails land in the inbox, not spam. They are based in Vilnius, Lithuania (Lithuania is the center of Europe and an Entrepreneurs hotspot, google it!) They have staff from all over the world which gives them a global perspective on digital marketing. Plus, the founder of World Canvas is part Lithuanian making him even more biased towards this top-notch email marketing software. Sign up for the free trial and check out their free videos. With this link, you get a $20 credit and so do we. You can sign up for the free trial with the link (way better than mailchimp’s free version). When you need to upgrade down the road the credit gets applied.

Influencer Management

We Love Musefind. Like World Canvas, they have been at this digital marketing game for years. We have used other influencer platforms in the past. Customer service is king, and they have it mastered. They don’t have an affiliate link, yet doesn’t stop us from promoting them. Sign up for the free basic plan. When you start off, it’s all you need. Oh, and the founder of World Canvas and Musefind co-wrote a book together, soooo there’s that…