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By applying our proven “Complement Campaign Strategy” that inspires your prospects to take action.


Digital Marketing

Attract the Right People

Being thankful and complementing others with honesty has a magnetic effect which draws people towards your business. This makes you the “go-to” when someone has a problem you can solve.

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Raptor Addict - Ford Truck Parts

World Canvas increased our website traffic by 150%, which resulted in additional sales for our company.

Kirk Shannoin / Raptor Addict Owner


What Makes Us Different

While other company’s take a cookie cutter approach to your business, We take a one-on-one approach to set you apart from your competition. Each one of our services in the online ecosystem works best when all of them are done right. While you can get each of our services separately, it works best when we utilize all of them. As a bonus, packaging our services gives you a discount!

  • Video driven agency as video has the highest conversion rates

  • We are experienced copywriters

  • The majority of us have master degrees, we understand what makes business work and what to apply to get you sales.

We understand our prices may be like those from cookie cutter agencies, however you pay for what you get. And what you get with us is top-notch online marketing services to seperate you from the pack.

Our Services



Crafting words that resonate with your prospects is the most important factor. Yes, images are important, but to close the deal and seperate yourself from the competition, your website, emails, social media and every other piece of marketing that goes out needs to have terrific copy.

Social Media

When you need to bring fresh eyes to your brand or keep current business advocates up to date with your happenings, social media is a non-intrusive way to build and keep the trust among your tribe. Every social platform has its benefits, some you may need and other may be a waste of time. We get it right for you.

Squarespace Website Design

Your online “HomeBase” is your website that works for you 24/7. It’s either making you money or costing you money. You need it to convert so it makes you money and we know how to do just that. If you need a brnd new site, a refresh or a team to keep it updated with fresh content we are your team.

Influencer Campaigns

After you have your website and social media running effectively, adding in influencers to promote your business is a great return on your investment. Influencers provide social proof that gets you the extra exposure you need to take your bsuiness to the next level. Influencers complement your business.


Courses We Offer

Crafting Copy for Social MEdia

Top-Notch copywriting is needed for you social media now, more than ever. Great copy s going to separate you from your competitors.

How To Use Pinterest to Get More Clients

If you’re not on Pinterest yet…you need to be. This course will show you how to drive additional eyes to your brand with Pinterest.

Create Stunning Photos from your Mobile Phone

Discover the tips and tricks top photographers use to get their images published, liked and shared. Everyone knows how to take photos, but not everyone does it well.